Our recommendations to voters

We strongly urge everyone to vote either by mail (with a drop-off at the elections office if you are apprehensive about the mail) or by early voting in one of the many locations throughout the county. Between the pandemic and the expected heavy turnout, voting on Election Day will be more challenging than usual. Make your voice heard! VOTE!

Here are our recommendations for officeholders and amendments:

Federal, State and Local Offices:

President and Vice President of the United States: Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris

Representative in Congress, District 16: Margaret Good

Representative in Congress, District 17: Allen Ellison

State Attorney, 12th Judicial Circuit: Betsy Young

State Senator, District 23: Katherine Norman

State Representative, District 72: Drake Buckman

State Representative, District 74: Lisa Stortstrom

Sarasota County Commission, District 1: Mark Pienkos

Sarasota County Commission, District 3: Cory Hutchinson

Sarasota County Commission, District 5: Alice White

Sarasota Soil and Water Conservation District Group 1: Sean Patton

Shall Supreme Court Justice Carlos G. Muniz be retained: NO

Shall District Court of Appeals Judge Drew Atkinson be retained: NO

Shall District Court of Appeals Judge Morris Silberman be retained: YES

Shall District Court of Appeals Judge Daniel H. Sleet be retained: NO

Shall District Court of Appeals Judge Andrea Teves Smith be retained: NO


State Constitutional Amendments:

Amendment 1: FOR Citizenship required to vote: NO (US citizenship already is required by the state constitution)

Amendment 2: FOR Raising Minimum Wage: YES

Amendment 3: FOR All Voters Vote in Primary Elections: YES

Amendment 4: FOR Requirement of Two Separate Votes on Future Amendments: NO

Amendment 5: FOR Portability of Save-Our-Homes Benefits to 3 years: YES

Amendment 6: FOR Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Spouses of Certain Deceased Veterans: YES


Sarasota County Charter Amendment:

FOR Economic Development Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions: YES