13 Mar 2020




Emergency shelter beds request for South County wins full County Commission approval

‘Bed tax’ revenue and visitor statistics set records in Sarasota County in January

After voicing frustration over her colleagues’ record of approving new coastal construction, County Commissioner Detert ultimately joins them in allowing new homes on Beach Road property

Manager of Solorzanos Pizzeria pays close to $34,000 to Davidson Sears Partnership to avoid eviction from location in Siesta Village

Environmental advocates at work on campaign to urge Sarasota County Commission to commit to 100% renewable energy

With case numbers changing rapidly, Sarasota County’s health director offers recommendations to try to contain spread of coronavirus and explains steps to take if persons believe they are infected
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99 shade trees to be planted in Benderson Park by early April, Commissioner Maio reports

‘Dr. Beach’ renews push for cigarette ban on public shorelines as part of reactivated National Healthy Beaches Campaign

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‘Blueprint for water quality improvement’ to be focus of March 20 CONA meeting

Precinct changes announced in advance of March 17 Presidential Preference Primary

In full ‘spring break mode,’ Sheriff’s Office enhancing crime prevention efforts and providing safety tips

Sarasota chosen to participate in LEED for Cities and Communities Grant Program