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An important note to SNL Tinypass (paid) subscribers:

If, in addition to your Sarasota News Leader Tinypass subscription, you also subscribe to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, you have been notified by the SHT that your Press+ account (which was bought by Piano Software, which also owns Tinypass) has been converted to a Tinypass account. This likely has caused some confusion when trying to sign into one publication when already signed into the other.
Our editors are having the same problem. We have contacted Piano support, and they do not yet have a good workaround. What we have found works best on a laptop/desktop is having two browsers (e.g.-Safari and Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and Firefox), with your SNL account signed in on one and your SHT account signed in on the other. You don’t have to sign out of either … you just switch between browsers.
If you use an iPad or iPhone (or other mobile device), the SHT is read on their Tecnavia app, while the SNL is read on your mobile device browser. Since two separate programs are used, you should not experience sign-in conflicts.
We apologize for the inadequacy of the Tinypass system to accommodate this overlap (something they should have anticipated, since they have a virtual monopoly on paywalls, and we can’t be the only two paid publications existing in the same market). We hope they develop a better way of handling this, and we will communicate that to you if they do.
In the meantime, thank you for your patience, and your support of The Sarasota News Leader!

Thank you for subscribing to The Sarasota News Leader, and supporting our award-winning, comprehensive local news coverage. If you ever have any questions about your subscription, please feel free to email our subscription manager at:

For problems signing in to your Tinypass account, including failure to get password reset codes, please email their support desk directly at:

NOTE: If you have a Tinypass paid subscription but are not receiving our weekly email on Friday mornings with the current edition of the SNL, please click on this link to subscribe to that list:

Signing in to your Tinypass account (accessing content):

You should have received an email from Tinypass as payment confirmation, along with your temporary password, which you should reset after your first sign-in to one more memorable to you. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password? Click here to reset it” on the Tinypass sign-in page, which you can access by clicking this link:

Also, once you sign into their system, it stores a “cookie” on your computer with your username and password, so that you do not have to sign-in every time you want to read something on the website. You can check this by going to our website at, and clicking on any of the articles listed in the column on the right side of the page. If the “subscribe/sign-in” pop-up appears, you will need to sign in with your email address and password (the sign-in link is at the bottom of the pop-up page). If nothing happens and you can see the article, it means your sign-in information has been stored to make your reading experience more convenient.

If you continue to be asked to sign in, please check your browser settings to be certain “cookies” are enabled on your computer (This likely will require you to temporarily change cookie settings in your browser preferences to allow third party cookies; you then would sign in to your Tinypass account from our website so that a cookie with your email address and password can be stored on your computer. Then change your cookie preference back to its original setting in your browser preferences.)

Note: If you use an iPad or iPhone, the procedure is somewhat different: You must go to Settings, scroll down to and click Passwords & Accounts and then click to turn Autofill Passwords to ON. At your next sign-in, your iOS mobile device should remember your email address and password for all subsequent visits to our website.

Changing your Tinypass profile (e.g.-email address)

To change your email address, password or any other part of your Tinypass profile, click on this link to sign in to your Tinypass account. Once signed in, click on your displayed email address in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on “Account Settings” from the resulting drop-down menu. The page that opens will allow you to: Change your first and/or last name; your email address (which is used for sign-in purposes); your password; and your choice of language (the default is English). After making any desired changes, please remember to click on “Save changes” at the bottom of that page. Also, if changing either your email address or password, remember to use the new choices on your next sign-in to your Tinypass account.

Paying for your Sarasota News Leader subscription:

To pay by credit card, simply click on any story link on our website and, when the subscription pop-up screen appears, click on either of the tabs in the lower righthand corner of your screen: $30 for an annual subscription or $9.99 for a quarterly subscription. That takes you to the payment screen. You then will click on the desired payment method at the bottom (usually a credit card), then enter your email address on the next screen. It is important to enter the “Captcha” code underneath the email address. Then click “Next.” On the next screen, you will enter your credit card information, then click “Complete your purchase.”

Afterward, you will receive a confirmation email with a temporary password. You should click on the link to visit your Tinypass account, then change the temporary password to a permanent password which is more secure, but easier for you to remember.

If you have difficulty with the Piano/Tinypass website and would prefer to pay us directly by an emailed invoice (to be paid by credit card online), you can send an email invoice request to (with “Subscription Request” in the subject line), and we’ll set up your Tinypass subscription account manually upon payment of the invoice.


Canceling your SNL subscription:

Should you wish to cancel your subscription, please click on this link:
to sign into your Tinypass account.

Once logged in, click on the SNL logo on the left. A popup screen will appear. Click on the “Subscription” tab at the top. Then click on “Don’t bill me again” in the center of that page. It will ask you to confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription. By clicking on that button before your next billing date, you effectively will cancel your paid subscription. Note: Cancellations receive refunds only if made within 20 days of subscribing. All other cancellations will still provide full access to paid content until the expiration date.

Thank you again for your support of The Sarasota News Leader