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Welcome to the award-winning Sarasota News Leader. This is a virtual (or electronic) news weekly. It is not published on paper. No trees died to produce it; no forests were wiped out. It represents the future of publishing in a world no less in need of information and news, but seeking to preserve the ecosphere on which we all depend.

The Sarasota News Leader is readable on iPad and Android tablets, iPhone and Android smartphones, and Kindle, Nook and other eReaders with a web-browsing capability, as well as on personal computers.


With a seasoned staff of award-winning journalists, we provide hard-hitting, in-depth reporting on local government action and the major issues affecting Sarasota County. The news will be combined, as our publication grows, with fascinating feature stories, arts & entertainment spotlights and other news of importance to our readers.

Many of you already are familiar with us from our editions published from Apr. 2012 through Aug. 2014, when publication of our digital weekly was suspended. However, after a hiatus of a year, we resumed publication with our Sep. 4, 2015 issue … and have been publishing weekly ever since.

We urge interested readers to become annual subscribers. By becoming a subscriber for only $30 per year, you will never pay a higher subscription rate as long as you remain an active subscriber (with auto-renewal). We are a reader-supported publication, and rely on new subscribers to continue our expansion of local news coverage.

Thank you for visiting our website and looking at our publication. We hope you will subscribe, and come to depend on The Sarasota News Leader for all of your Sarasota County news.


Prior Editions: News articles published prior to Sept. 21, 2012 still can be accessed using the archive features of this website. The most recent articles are listed in the column to the right, and the previous weekly editions can be accessed through the drop-down list in “Archives” in the menu bar at the top of the page. Also, published items are grouped according to category (for example, “Sarasota County Government” or “Editorial & Commentary”). If you are interested in a particular category, select it from the drop-down menu in the bar on the right side of this page. You will be directed to all items published in that category.

If you are interested in published items on a particular date, regardless of category, simply pick a date from the calendar shown on the right side of the page. You will be directed to all items published on that date.

There is a search function at the bottom of the menu bar on the right side of the page. Simply enter a keyword(s) and click on “Search” to be directed to entries matching your search criteria.



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5 thoughts on “About the SNL”

  1. Congratulations Rachel. I think SNL will be a big success. I look forward to reading it every week.

  2. Great job with this, Rachel. really really good to have something like this. I am sending the link to all of my friends. Sincerely, Nancy

    • If you scroll down on the righthand side of the website, you will see various ways you can search for articles, including the use of key words. I hope that information will help you. You also can search by date.

  3. I have been a subscriber and can not access the stories. I can log in but that is it. Help!

    Editor’s Note: Most answers can be found on our Subscription Service page, in the menu bar at the top of every page. If the answers aren’t there, email our subscription manager at subs@sarasotanewsleader.com, or Piano customer support at support@piano.io

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