County Communications staff launches redesigned website this week

Initiative began in April 2022

This is part of the new homepage look for Different photos appear on a rotational basis.

Regular visitors to the Sarasota County Government website ( likely will have noticed some of the changes that have been taking place over the past several weeks.

For one example, the County Commission email webpage began requiring a person to use a verification system before reading any of the correspondence, plus what has become the common checking of a box to attest that the user is not a robot.

However, on Dec. 6, with no announcement having previewed it, the homepage sported a completely new look.

The redesign was listed among the county’s 2023 Strategic Plan Actions, as noted in a slide that Jamie Carson, director of the Communications Department, showed the commissioners during her June presentation of her proposed budget for the 2024 fiscal year. However, she did not comment on the progress at that time.

In response to Sarasota News Leader questions this week, Carson wrote in a Dec. 6 email that the kickoff meeting for the website redesign was held in April 2022.

The last update took place in 2017, she added.

This is an image of the new landing page for the County Commission’s emails. Image from

When the News Leader asked whether any specific impetus prompted the changes this time, Carson wrote, “The primary purpose was to improve user experience as well as modernize/refresh the look and feel of the site. We’ve accomplished that in a few different ways with some of our new widgets and improvements. As a result of the improved experience, visitors can find more information faster and more efficiently. It was also an opportunity for us to work with GIS [Geographical Information System] to roll out the Address Finder Application which provides information regarding residential addresses within Sarasota County.”

Further, Carson noted, “The redesign launch also features two new subsites for Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources ( and Libraries and Historical Resources ( The Libraries and Historical Resources subsite features a dedicated search bar on the homepage that allows community members to search the digital library and the website, minimizing clicks and making it easier to access information. There’s also a title section on the homepage to learn more about book features. The site has a dedicated calendar of events and easy navigation to access resources, get a library card, provide community feedback and reserve a library room.”

In regard to the Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Department (PRNR) webpages changes, she explained that the PRNR “subsite is designed to allow users to easily filter options through user-friendly buttons and drop-down menus, depending on their location on the site. This structure makes it simpler for visitors to choose a park based on location, amenities, and activities they’re looking for in Sarasota County. The new site also provides more opportunities to highlight programs and services.”