DavisShaw retires after 31 years with City of Sarasota

Action comes shortly after conclusion of Lido Key Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project, on which she worked for many years, mayor points out

Alexandrea DavisShaw (wearing the crown) celebrates her upcoming retirement with other city employees. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

“After 31 years of dedicated service,” City of Sarasota Engineer Alex DavisShaw was expected to retire this week, Mayor Hagen Brody announced in his June 4 newsletter.

She was to turn over the figurative reins to Nikesh Patel, who recently joined the city staff after serving with the Florida Department of Transportation, Brody noted.

Patel worked closely with DavisShaw “to ensure a smooth transition,” Brody wrote.

“Over the decades, Alex has been involved with many significant projects, perhaps most notably Lido Beach restoration and the long-term partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to protect the shoreline and nearby infrastructure,” Brody pointed out. “Alex also helped enhance pedestrian and driver safety by bringing modern roundabouts to downtown,” he noted. The first of those was constructed at Five Points.

“She has played an integral role with development review, regional traffic signal timing, sidewalk café permits and many, many other issues,” Brody pointed out. “Her professional and institutional knowledge is tremendous, and she is well regarded in the community for taking the time to answer stakeholders’ questions and provide regular project updates,” he wrote.

“Congratulations, Alex, on a remarkable career with the City!” he concluded his tribute to her.