July 2 shooting in Gulf Gate related to attempted break-in, neighbors say

Sheriff’s Office investigating incident, saying one person was wounded

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has reported that it is investigating a shooting that was occurred at 2:13 a.m. on Sunday, July 2.

The person who was shot was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital for treatment, a news release said.

The location of the incident, the release added, was the 6500 block of Colonial Drive in Sarasota. That street is in the Gulf Gate neighborhood, a map shows. Colonial Drive is east of Sarasota Pavilion and north of Gulf Gate Drive.

“All parties involved are accounted for and there is no threat to the

public at this time,” the release pointed out.

A thread of Nextdoor comments that The Sarasota News Leader reviewed included a note that the location of the shooting is a rental property. The tenants “just moved in on [July 1],” the writer pointed out. The next-door neighbor heard two shots, “well spaced apart,” that writer continued. One person was removed from the rear of the house on a stretcher, the writer added.

A second writer reported that an individual “came through the backyard pool cage and attempted to enter the house via the back door. Renter heard them [and] repeatedly told them to stop. As the intruder attempted to proceed to make entry the renter shot the dude!”

A third writer on the thread indicated that she believed that that was what happened, adding that she heard about the incident on a police scanner app.

Yet another individual wrote, “About six months or so ago, the house across the street from this one had a guy [break into the] sunroom,” defecate on the floor, and then [start] setting the cushions on fire while [the occupants] were there sleeping. They smelled the smoke and found the guy in the sunroom. He took off running, ran out of his flip flops and then jumped on a bike and took off. That guy should have been shot as well…maybe the same guy.”

The first writer quoted above added, “Gulf Gate Association is trying to stop the use of homes in Gulf Gate as rentals.”

Other people on the thread, who rent homes in Gulf Gate, objected to the implication that they are more inclined to cause problems than homeowners.

As of the deadline for this issue of the News Leader, the Sheriff’s Office had released no other details about the July 2 incident.