Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Thank you, Mr. Maio, for disgracing Italian people here in Sarasota! We used to live on Siesta Key, but your developer friends, who kept building condo and housing developments on every beautiful open space, made traffic over the bridges a nightmare (thank you for that too).

Also, watching the destruction of God knows how many fields of trees and wildlife on Honore Avenue is disgusting. I have to pass it every day to and from work, and it makes me wonder how many more cars this place will add to our overcrowded roads!

Sarasota is becoming a nightmare on the roads. I wonder if any of the developers live here. I know your buddy Gary [Kompothecras] does, but, heck, he probably has a helicopter to go places. If a hotel is put up on Siesta Key, looking like the Westin downtown, it will ruin the village of Siesta. We need our commissioners to step up, put a halt to more development and concentrate on the the overcrowding — and the condition of our roads here.

Joanne Christian


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