Miracle Swimming clears first level of MacArthur Foundation’s ‘100 & Change’ worldwide competition

Sarasota nonprofit among 800 organizations vying for $100-million grant


Image from the Miracle Swimming for Adults website

Miracle Swimming for Adults (MSA) of Sarasota has cleared the first level of screening in the MacArthur Foundation’s competition 100 & Change, which offers the winner $100 million to solve a world problem, the foundation has announced.

Miracle Swimming entered the competition to solve the problem of drowning, a news release explains. “MSA teaches adults who are fearful in water to swim,” the release adds. About half of adults cannot learn to swim because of their fear, the release points out.

Altogether, 7,084 organizations registered to participate in the foundation’s competition, and 1,904 submitted applications by the Oct. 3 deadline, the release notes. Of those, 800 organizations — including Miracle Swimming — passed the administrative review, the release says.

By the end of January, 100 & Change will have selected 10 semi-finalists, which will present their proposals starting in July 2017, the release adds. The winner is expected to be chosen by the fall of 2017.

“MSA has a universal solution to overcoming fear of water and most — if not all — fears, “ the release says. “Overcoming fear is learning,” the release points out. “MSA has a universal solution to most — if not all — learning.”

The system is in use all over the United States and in a number of foreign countries.

The 5 CirclesTM Ascending show the universal steps of panic. Image courtesy of Miracle Swimming
The 5 CirclesTM Descending show the universal steps of learning. Image courtesy of Miracle Swimming

For more information about the competition, view the 100 & Change video.