Commentary: It does take a Village

Familiar faces and treats create delightful atmosphere

Harriet Cuthbert

As I was wandering around Siesta Village one day this week, I realized how lucky I am to live close to such a beautiful and friendly area.

There was Randy, happy and smiling as ever, helping visitors figure out how to use the new parking meters that charge $5 an hour in Davidson Plaza.

Walking past The Hub restaurant, I heard Bryan serenading the hungry crowd, playing sensual, soothing bossa nova because he knows I like it.

Robin was working in the stunning and busy new jewelry shop where everything is $10. (Of course, the customers occasionally ask, “Is this necklace only $10?”)

Shawn, whom I consider my third daughter, was behind the counter at the very busy Circle K, where hot dogs are $1 and there is always a line. She barely had time to give me my daily hug and kiss.

Walking back along Ocean Boulevard, I stopped in for a delicious gelato at Salvatore Versace’s shop. He makes all the flavors daily. He tells me his basic recipe come directly from Rome, where I would have been if not for the horrific novel coronavirus that has endangered that whole magnificent country.

Leslie, who has been a friend since her days at Davidson Drugs and who now works next door, selling shoes, is always up for a chat about tennis and my hero, Rafa Nadal. I look forward to my chats with Leslie, especially because of her sense of humor. I call it “beyond funny”; it is very raunchy, too.

My last stop of the day was to catch up with Mia and Maria at the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce. They happily “complained” about how busy they are and asked whether I would like to help out with tourist information. “Sorry, guys, not today,” I told them. I was busy making new friends in our beautiful Siesta Village.