City of Sarasota leaders continuing to encourage the public to wear face coverings to prevent spread of COVID-19

Governor’s Sept. 25 Executive Order eliminates any fines for refusal to use masks

A City of Sarasota staff member gives away one of approximately 40,000 masks the city has distributed. Image courtesy City of Sarasota via Twitter

Following the issuance of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ latest Executive Order, on Sept. 25, the City of Sarasota mask ordinance remains in place, “with the [members of the] community strongly encouraged to wear a protective face covering in indoor and outdoor public locations and while doing business,” City Manager Tom Barwin announced.

The goal, he pointed out in a news release, is to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

“The City continues to call on individuals to be responsible and civic minded and wear a face covering, he continued. “Private businesses do have the right to require patrons to wear a mask,” Barwin pointed out.

While DeSantis’ Executive Order 20-244 suspends fines and penalties related to COVID-19, “the City of Sarasota will continue to encourage the wearing of face masks to help protect the Sarasota community and to help the local economy rebound and come back strong for all to see by preventing an autumn/winter resurgence of COVID-19,” Barwin added.

Since the face-covering ordinance went into effect July 1, the city has not had to issue any citations, he pointed out.

The city has distributed more than 40,000 free face coverings and can provide more if needed, he noted.

The face-covering ordinance is in effect without penalties through Oct. 28.

Frequently asked questions about the ordinance are available at