City of Sarasota residents encouraged to fill out online survey as staff works on flood mitigation efforts

Floodplain Management Plan being updated

This is the top of the City of Sarasota survey regarding flooding. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

City of Sarasota staff members are updating the city’s 2020-2025 Floodplain Management Plan in an effort to make the community less vulnerable to flooding, City Manager Tom Barwin noted in his June 5 newsletter.

The team created a “quick online survey to help its members understand how flooding around the city can be reduced and to identify areas for mitigation or improvement,” he pointed out. “It’s an opportunity for residents to share their input and concerns,” Barwin added.

“The survey results will help us to develop our overall strategy of programs, projects and measures aimed at identifying and addressing flood hazards,” he continued.

The survey is open through July 1, Barwin stressed.

For questions, email or call the flood information line at 941-263-6354.