City of Sarasota residents urged not to mix green vegetative clippings with storm debris

FEMA will not reimburse city for materials not resulting from the storm, city staff stresses

Image courtesy City of Sarasota

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has notified the City of Sarasota that the federal government cannot reimburse the city for any collections of “fresh, green yard waste” that is collected with storm debris, the city has announced.

The federal government will reimburse local governments only for the collection of storm debris associated with Hurricane Irma, a city news release points out.

“For now, please do not place fresh, green yard waste on storm debris piles,” the release stresses. “Crews are unable to separate it,” the release adds. “If you have fresh yard waste, please create a separate pile and our Public Works crews will collect it as soon as possible,” the release emphasizes.

Additionally, “bulk waste items should not be placed on top of storm debris piles,” the release says. “Crews cannot separate these materials and collection will be delayed,” the release notes.

City staff estimates that the city will be eligible for approximately $1.9 million in federal storm debris reimbursements, the release continues, “and we don’t want to risk jeopardizing any of those funds.”

“The Public Works Department is developing a schedule to resume regular yard waste collection soon,” the release points out. After that has been finalized, the release says, city staff will share it with the public.