City parking citation amnesty program to get under way Aug. 1

People may pay parking tickets in person on the first floor of the Sarasota Police Department on Adams Lane in downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel

A driver with a past-due parking ticket will have a one-time only opportunity to pay the citation with the City of Sarasota forgiving the late fee, the city has announced.

The Parking Citation Amnesty program will run Wednesday, Aug. 1, through Sunday, Sept. 30, prior to the effective date of a new parking ticket collection policy. Anyone with a City of Sarasota parking ticket at least 90 days past due is eligible for the amnesty program. To determine if you have an unpaid ticket, click here.

Participants will save $15 from the waiving of the late fee, a city news release says. They also will avoid the new collection process, beginning Monday, Oct. 1, which will include the following:

• License plate renewal restriction

• Additional late penalties and fees

• On-street vehicle immobilization (booting)

“Overall, the citizenry is quite good about paying their tickets in a timely manner,” said Parking Manager Mark Lyons in the news release. “This is an opportunity for those who may have forgotten to pay their ticket. The citation could be 10 years old.”

He added, “Pay it and we’ll waive the late fee. It’s that simple. And, you’ll have peace of mind it’s settled.”

Unpaid parking tickets dating back to 2002 reflect approximately $700,000 in lost city revenue, the news release says. The Parking Division is making every effort to collect those funds to help offset the current operating budget.

“Other communities which have offered similar amnesty programs have had good success. We hope people will recognize this as a one-time opportunity to wipe the slate clean and save some money at the same time,” said Lyons.

Past-due parking tickets may be paid in the following ways:

• Pay in person at the Parking Division, Sarasota Police Headquarters (first floor), 2099 Adams Lane

• Pay online:

• Pay via mail: Address envelopes to Parking Division, 2099 Adams Lane, Sarasota, FL 34237

For more information about the Parking Citation Amnesty program, email the Parking Division at, visit, or call 941-954-7057.