Commentary: Call it what you will, but it is ‘Magic Tape’

A homeowner finds a ready solution to myriad problems

Harriet Cuthbert. Contributed photo

Is it “duck” tape or “duct” tape? I have seen it spelled both ways, but I will just get right to my thoughts and call it “Magic Tape.”

This ingenious product is holding my house together, room by room and wall by wall. Whenever I see something wrong that I cannot fix using the correct method, I race for the Magic Tape. I must be pretty resourceful because I have solved all kinds of household problems with it.

As I write this article and gaze around my house, I see examples of Magic Tape in almost every room — each one for a different purpose. For example, the bottom panel of the side door to the garage is held together with white tape to match the rest of the actual door. Did I mention that you have your choice of about 10 colors when using the tape? That way, everything will be color-coordinated and add so much more panache to your home décor.

Back inside in my den, my son’s dogs last year attacked two window screens. Beloved creatures that they are, they nevertheless managed to create giant holes along the bottoms of the screens. I had not the slightest clue about how to repair the screens, other than hiring a handy man who, no doubt, would want to remove them and put in new ones. Where was my winning lottery ticket?

The solution to that problem: I did what I always do — I improvised and slapped that white tape onto the screens, blocking the holes and preventing the lizards from invading my house.

On the same subject: One of the window handles is broken, so I can no longer completely close the window, but I can do a very good job of sealing it from outside with my trusty Magic Tape.

I cannot ignore the loose wallpaper in my bedroom. With a simple slap-on of my tape, everything is good to go. Luckily, this disaster is hidden from view, so it cannot generate further embarrassment.

One of these days, I might have to call a handyman. Will he be impressed with my brilliance, or just laugh in my face?

Oops, I see something falling off in the corner of another room. I think it could definitely use a little Magic Tape.