Commentary: Surrounded

Yet another construction project has begun in the writer’s neighborhood

Can you believe it? Neither can I. Just when I thought it was safe to venture out of my house, assuming that the only structure under construction in my was the house next door, another parade of block-long trucks and bulldozers appeared on the street abutting my lot.

The new and unfamiliar type of noise was deafening. The trucks took up most of the street, causing us drivers to wait our turns to reach our houses. I really could not imagine what the contractors were doing — and, especially, which house was the focus of their work.

One truck had a descriptive sign — dirt and gravel removal.  OK, there was a hint. Lined up in back of this monster were two smaller trucks with men sitting aloft, pushing buttons and directing the “dirt” into a huge dumpster.

Finally, when I tacked down the location of the work in progress, I was astounded. When did the owners of that house win the lottery?

Not so long ago, the house was a rental; in fact, it apparently was a very popular party house. Drums would blast from midnight on, resulting in many of us nearby residents calling the Sheriff’s Office at 2 a.m. The new owners seem to prefer a more sedentary and quieter lifestyle.

I finally broke down and asked one of the workmen (I had an idea) what was going on. Sure enough, the owners are putting in a swimming pool. A what? In the tiny back yard that is on the other side of a small part of my back yard? We are separated only by a very fragile fence. I cannot imagine the size of this pool, either, but the work going into its construction seems to be no different than the work that goes into building any other pool. Will there be a spa? A wading pool? A waterfall?

My neighbors on the other side now have competition when it comes to pool design. I say, let the games begin.

I expect one day, when visitors drive or walk around my neighborhood and see my house as the last one standing from the ’70s, they will be amazed that such a relic is still intact.

By the way, I have a large swimming pool and a screened patio, and I live on a beautiful corner lot — which, I guess, is why I am surrounded by trucks doing upgrades.