Conservation Foundation of Gulf Coast honors 2021 Partner of the Year and Volunteer of the Year

Two couples recognized during recent reception

Christine Johnson, president of the Conservation Foundation (left), and Rhonda Deems (right), the Conservation Foundation’s board chair, recognize Rich Huhn and Jane Huhn as the Foundation’s 2021 Conservation Partners of the Year. Contributed photo by Lori Sax

The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast recently honored its 2021 Conservation Partner of the Year, Rob Harlan and Susan Lowy Harlan, and its Volunteer of the Year, Rich and Jane Huhn, the Foundation has announced.

The recognition came during the annual reception the nonprofit hosts to recognize the winners of those awards, a news release notes.

The Harlans were honored for their support of the Conservation Foundation’s work over the past 14 years, the release points out. The Huhns were recognized “for their ongoing commitment to maintaining the beauty of Bay Preserve,” the release adds.

Since their introduction to the Conservation Foundation, “the Harlans’ impact has been substantial and far-reaching,” the release points out. “Their desire to fund both operational and budget-relieving projects provides tools and resources to Conservation Foundation, supporting the organization’s growing staff, helping the Next Gen Conservation program expand and thrive, and increasing the community’s knowledge of Conservation Foundation’s mission, programs, and location,” the release explains.

“The Huhns’ meticulous diligence in keeping Bay Preserve [the location of the Foundation’s headquarters] beautiful and welcoming to all provides capacity for Conservation Foundation, allowing land protection and stewardship staff to save and maintain more land in Southwest Florida,” the release notes. Together the Huhns have donated more than 100 hours of grounds maintenance labor, “creating a tremendous ripple effect throughout the organization,” the release says.

Rob Harlan and Susan Lowy Harlan. Contributed photo by Lori Sax

“Our work would not be possible without the support of our community,” noted Christine Johnson, president of the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, in the release. “Land conservation is a complex process and individuals like Rob, Susan, Rich and Jane provide us with resources and capacity to save more land and reach more people,” Johnson added in the release. “We are incredibly grateful for their continued commitment to conservation and generosity of both time and resources.”

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