Human remains found on Cattlemen Road

Sarasota Sheriff’s Office Forensic Services vehicles on the scene of a death investigation in the 100 block of Cattlemen Rd (photo provided by the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office)

The discovery of a human skull by workers for a private water company in the vicinity of 100 Cattlemen Rd has led the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office to open a death investigation, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office.

100 Cattlemen Road
An aerial view of the scene of a death investigation by the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office in the 100 block of Cattlemen Rd (photo from Google Maps)

An email from Wendy Rose, community affairs manager for the Sheriff’s Office, reported that Forensic Services had responded to the scene and located more remains about 50 feet away from the initial discovery. The Medical Examiner was reported to be en route, after which Forensic Services will process the scene.

According to Rose, the immediate concern was protecting the scene from impending rain. No further information on the investigation was expected before tomorrow, she added.