Lemon Avenue in downtown Sarasota inaccessible from Pineapple and Main through Sept. 18

Closure a facet of Lemon Avenue Streetscape project

Work is progressing on the Lemon Avenue Streetscape project. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

The Lemon Avenue Streetscape project is proceeding well, Sarasota City Manager Tom Barwin reported in his Aug. 9 newsletter.

Crews have been installing bricks on Lemon Avenue south of Main Street “since the intersection there was reopened just before the Fourth of July holiday with a beautiful brick design,” Barwin wrote.

With crews heading southward toward Pineapple Avenue, he continued, “they’re now approaching the Lemon Ave./State Street intersection, which will require that portion of the road to be temporarily closed to vehicular traffic from Aug. 12 through Sept. 18.”

During that time, Barwin added, Lemon Avenue will be inaccessible from Pineapple Avenue and Main Street.

“State Street will be open to local traffic and the State Street Garage will be open for parking as usual,” Barwin stressed.

He further advised the public to be aware that vehicles will not be able to access Lemon Avenue from State Street. Moreover, he wrote, because of space restrictions, “there will not be a turnaround.”

Barwin did point out, “Pedestrians will be able to access State Street and Lemon Avenue businesses.”

“For more information about the Lemon Avenue Streetscape project and how it will create a heightened sense of place in downtown for pedestrians,” Barwin wrote, persons may visit the project webpage, https://www.lemonavenuestreetscape.com.