Let’s close Sarasota’s airport. It’s only fair.

A group of us homeowners who live near the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport object to the loud noise that sometimes comes from planes taking off and landing.

Not to mention the daily traffic jams on the Tamiami Trail caused by thousands of passengers driving cars to and from their flights, as well as the noxious smell of jet fuel, which sometimes drifts our way, when the wind is from the northeast.

Well, you might ask, didn’t you people notice that the airport was there when you bought your homes?

And didn’t you realize that there’s a trade-off: You put up with the airport to enjoy a wonderful, cultural neighborhood close to the bay, with easy access to downtown.

In other words, aren’t you all acting spoiled and more than a little self-centered?

Yes, you are right.

But we’re just following the lead of the good folks who live in the condos near Five Points Park, who, having succeeded in having the park benches removed, are now talking about banning all public events from the park.

Well, you might ask, didn’t they notice that a popular public park was right across the street when they bought their condos?

And didn’t they realize that there’s a trade-off: When you choose to buy a condo in the very heart of a vibrant, multicutural city, it comes along with noise, public gatherings and, yes, rubbing shoulders with people you might not invite home.

In other words, aren’t they all acting spoiled and more than a little self-centered?

We, the homeowners around the airport, think that if you close Five Points Park to all events for the peace and quiet of the condominium owners, we deserve the same peace and quiet in our neighborhood.

We need to get rid of noise and irritation in our lives, too.

So let’s close the airport. Fair is fair.

Peter Tannen, Sarasota

1 thought on “Let’s close Sarasota’s airport. It’s only fair.”

  1. To Peter–
    An excellent column, and so perfectly diagnosed. I live on Siesta Key and I say we should give us “special” residents special permits, with special privileges. Maybe a passport, etc., and they shouldn’t let anyone else buy property here. It’s crowded enough, and it’s only right.

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