Lift Station 87 microtunneling has been completed, City of Sarasota announces

Re-opening of Osprey Avenue to motorists anticipated in July

A McKim & Creed graphic shown to the City Commission on June 8, 2015 shows the phases of the project. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

The second and final microtunnel segment of the Lift Station 87 project was completed last week, “marking a significant milestone,” City of Sarasota staff reported on May 26.

The 560-foot-long tunnel under Luke Wood Park connects the Lift Station 87 site with the 36-inch wastewater main previously installed by microtunnel under Hudson Bayou, a news release explains.

“The two microtunnels are critical to the success of the Lift Station 87 project,” it adds. “This work was scheduled first, ahead of other project components, to protect the City’s investment and minimize risks,” the release points out

“We want residents and business owners to know that the project team appreciates their patience, and that we are working hard to restore and re-open Osprey Avenue this summer, ”said Michael Crumpton, the city’s utilities engineering manager, in the release.

Among the remaining work for the current phase of the project is installation of the wastewater main inside the protective casing that was put in place during the second microtunnel drive, along with the pressure testing of the new pipeline, the release notes. This month, crews also will begin restoring Osprey Avenue curbs, sidewalks and asphalt, the release points out. Once the work zone is safe, the Osprey Bridge will be re-opened to pedestrian traffic, the release says. The bridge will re-open to vehicular traffic in July.

Work on the construction of the Lift Station 87 building is scheduled to begin later this summer, the release continues. Lift Station 87 will replace Lift Station 7, located at 935 Pomelo Ave. After the entire project has been completed, the release explains, wastewater flow will be redirected from Lift Station 7 to Lift Station 87.

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