May 14 expected to be final day for temporary county water system disinfection method to remain in use

Process began April 10

The Sarasota County Public Utilities Department’s temporary change in the disinfection method for the county’s potable water distribution system is nearing its end, county staff reminded residents and business owners this week.

The process, which began on April 10, is anticipated to wrap up on May 14, a media advisory says. Then, the potable water system will return to its normal disinfection process.

While the potable water system cleaning process is moving through its final stages, the advisory points out, residents may notice a change in the taste, smell or color of their faucet and shower water. “The water is tested continuously and remains completely safe to drink, meeting all federal and state standards for drinking water,” the release emphasizes.

Sarasota County utilizes several sources for its drinking water, including seven wells along University Parkway, 10 wells at the Venice Gardens site in Venice, and 16 wells on the T. Mabry Carlton Jr. Memorial Reserve, the release explains. These wells, which range from 400 to 700 feet deep, “draw water from the intermediate aquifer and the Floridian aquifer,” the release notes. In addition, Sarasota County partners with Manatee County and the Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority to supply water to Sarasota County customers, the release says.

On average, 22 million gallons of potable water are used each day by Sarasota County residents and businesses, the release points out.

Call 941-861-6790 for questions about the chlorine conversion process underway, visit or call 311.