Mote marks record number of sea turtle nests in Venice

Through July 22, total up to 752

In its July 21 newsletter, Mote Marine Laboratory announced, “This week, we officially broke another record!”
The newsletter explained, “Our Sea Turtle Conservation & Research Program documented the highest number of sea turtle nests recorded at Venice yet! We’ve documented 725 sea turtle nests so far compared to the previous high in Venice of 581 documented nests in 2019.”

The most recent Mote update on sea turtle nests found in the county — for the period of July 16 through July 22 — raised the Venice figure to 752, The Sarasota News Leader found.

The newsletter added, “As we continue to monitor the beaches through sea turtle nesting season, which spans from May 1 to October 31, keep the beaches turtle-friendly with these turtle tips:

  • “If you encounter a nesting turtle or hatchlings, remain quiet and observe from a distance.
  • “Turn off outdoor lights that are visible on the beach.
  • “Fill in holes that may entrap hatchlings on their way to the water.”