Myakka Road between Hancock Road and Clay Gully Road closed because of unsafe conditions

Severe structural deterioration observed in culverts

This map shows the intersection of Myakka Road and Clay Gully Road. Image from Google Maps

As of 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 14, a portion of Myakka Road in Sarasota County was closed to traffic because of unsafe conditions, county staff announced.

The affected area is between Hancock Road and Clay Gully Road, a news release says.

The closure followed the Public Works Department’s Feb. 14 receipt of an engineering report identifying conditions of three large culverts under Myakka Road (0.44 miles north of Clay Gully Road), the news release explains. Those culverts are deteriorated to the point that it no longer is safe for vehicles to travel on that part of the road, the release points out.

The culvert crossing consists of three corrugated steel plate pipes, with each pipe having a span of approximately 12 feet, the release continues. “The visual inspection of the culvert by engineers revealed severe structural deterioration.”

The duration of the closure is expected to be a minimum of two weeks. Sarasota County staff will advise the public as plans to repair, replace or remove the culverts are determined, the release says.

The detour necessitated by the closure is approximately 14 miles, the release adds.

Detours for eastbound traffic from Fruitville Road to Clay Gully Road in Sarasota County are as follows:

  • Verna Road north to Singletary Road
  • Singletary Road east to State Road 70.
  • State Road 70 east to MJ Road.
  • MJ Road south to Clay Gully Road.

Detours for westbound traffic from Clay Gully Road to Fruitville Road (Manatee County) are as follows:

  • MJ Road north to State Road 70.
  • State Road 70 west to Singletary Road.
  • Singletary Road west to Verna Road.
  • Verna Road south to Fruitville Road.

Local access to residential driveways and the Crowley Museum will be available on Myakka Road between Hancock Road and the Crowley Museum, the release does point out.

For more information, dial 311 or visit