New wastewater pipeline being installed along Osprey Avenue north of 10th Street

Parking lot for canine park at Gillespie Park to be closed during duration of project

An aerial map shows the location of the project near Gillespie Park. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

The City of Sarasota Utilities Department has contracted with Halfacre Construction Co. of Sarasota to replace wastewater force main piping running along Cocoanut Avenue that is more than 50 years old, the City of Sarasota has announced.

The project began on Feb. 25 and is expected to be substantially completed by June, a news release explains. While it is underway, the parking lot on Osprey Avenue north of 10th Street, which is used for visitors to the canine park at Gillespie Park, will remain closed, the release stresses. The park itself will remain open.

This piping is an integral part of the wastewater system, the news release points out. “The replacement of this piping will improve the system resiliency and reliability,” the release adds. The dated 24-inch, asbestos waste force main will be replaced with 800 feet of new piping, and 250 feet of 36-inch steel casing will be inserted under the railroad right of way on Osprey Avenue north of 10th Street for future use, the release explains.

The next phase of the project will connect the new pipeline to the city’s wastewater treatment plant, the release notes.