‘Pack in and pack out’ at all Sarasota County beaches over holiday weekend, county staff urges

Additional dumpsters and trash receptacles to be provided

A volunteer picks up one of the yellow trash bags county staff and volunteers hand out for use on July 4. Photo from Sarasota County Government via Twitter

Sarasota County staff is reminding all beach-goers this holiday weekend to “pack in and pack out” all of the items they bring with them to area beaches, as part of a community-wide effort to keep the shorelines litter-free.

Sarasota County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources staff and volunteers will be providing yellow trash bags for beach users throughout the holiday period, a news release notes. Additionally, cigarette disposal stations are available for use at county-operated beaches, the release points out.

“It’s important we all work together to properly dispose of litter,” said Cindy Turner, who manages beaches for Sarasota County, in the release. “If you pack it in, you must pack it out. Doing so is the responsible thing to do, and will help keep our beaches clean, enjoyable and beautiful,” she added in the release.

Further, temporary signage will be installed on all county-managed beaches, and banners will be placed at area beaches to bring attention to the proper disposal of litter, the release says.

As part of Sarasota County’s standard holiday procedure, additional dumpsters, trash receptacles and trash pick-ups at the parks have been scheduled “to support the larger crowds beginning July 3 through July 6.”

As a reminder, all beach-goers are asked to practice proper social distancing and hygiene while visiting Sarasota County operated beaches, the release adds.

For more information, call the county Contact Center at 861-5000 or visit scgov.net.