Parking not permitted in medians along John Ringling Boulevard on approach to St. Armands

City of Sarasota Parking Division staff issues reminder

A ‘No Parking’ sign warns motorists to keep off the medians on the approach to St. Armands Circle. Photo courtesy City of Sarasota

The staff of the City of Sarasota’s Parking Division is reminding the public that parking is not permitted in the medians along John Ringling Boulevard approaching St. Armands Circle.

“As we begin to enter Sarasota’s ‘season’ and as temperatures start to cool ever so slightly, we’ll see more and more exciting weekend events being held in our busy city,” City Manager Tom Barwin wrote in his Oct. 18 newsletter. “St. Armands Circle is always a hub of activity, with car shows, boat shows and much more coming to this world-renowned spot that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike,” he added.

Multiple signs are in place to remind drivers that a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) safety regulation prohibits parking in the circle’s medians, Barwin continued. The goal is to prevent any hazards “for both motorists and pedestrians,” he pointed out.

“If you’ll be driving to St. Armands, please help us keep everyone safe by proceeding past the medians, and consider parking your vehicle in one of the hundreds of new spaces the City recently added at the St. Armands Garage on North Adams Drive,” Barwin wrote.