Pineapple Park closed till March 11 as improvements get under way

Fountain to be refurbished and brick pavers to be repaired, among other work

The Pineapple Park artwork by Nancy Goodhearted Matthews will be refurbished. File photo
The Pineapple Park fountain artwork was created by Nancy Goodheart Matthews. File photo

As of Feb. 16, Pineapple Park in downtown Sarasota has been closed to the public while improvements are made to the fountain and surrounding plaza, the City of Sarasota has announced.

The work is expected to be finished and the park reopened by Friday, March 11, a news release says.

“The mermaid fountain will be refurbished and will become a functioning water feature in the park,” the release points out. Additionally, brick pavers in the area will be repaired and the concrete plaza will be pressure-washed. The planter walls also will be cleaned and painted, the release notes.

“A long-term master plan for Pineapple Park and the Lemon Avenue corridor will be developed,” said city Public Works General Manager Todd Kucharski in the release. “In the meantime, improvements will be made to the park so that it’s cleaner and more attractive with a water fountain that flows.”

The timing of the maintenance work is being coordinated with the restoration of the mermaid fountain artwork, known as Good Heart Place, the release adds. The original artist, Nancy Goodheart Matthews, will be on site during the undertaking “to help ensure the integrity of the artwork is protected,” the release explains. The piece was installed in 1993.

With the improvements under way, the park also will be closed to the public including during the Sarasota Farmers Market, the release points out. Market management has been notified, the release adds.