Reclaimed water loss resulting from leak on City of Venice customer’s side of meter leads to shut-off of service

Customer admits having known about leak but failing to report it to city staff

This graphic shows the location of the home with the reclaimed water leak. Image courtesy FDEP

A City of Venice Utilities Department supervisor has reported to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) that a customer’s higher than normal usage of reclaimed water was the result of a leak.

In the notice filed with FDEP, the supervisor wrote that a city employee had observed that the customer’s usage “was very high over the normal amount.” When the employee drove to the residence located at 1300 Lucaya Ave. to speak with the customer, the report continued, the customer acknowledged having noticed a leak on the customer’s side of the meter. However, the report said, the customer did not notify city staff of that leak.

The red balloon on this aerial map also shows the location of the customer with the meter problem. Image from Google Maps

After city staff found the source of the problem, the report added, staff  shut off the customer’s service. Staff also explained to the customer that the service would not be restored until the customer had had the broken service line repaired, the report noted.

The leak was documented as having begun on Nov. 15, the report said. The staff response came on Nov. 21, it added.

The reclaimed water for the customer came from the Venice Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant, the report noted. That facility stands at 3510 Laurel Road E. in North Venice.