Results of Sarasota County study on how emotions affect workers’ health published in medical journal

County’s Wellness Team conducted research on 63 county employees

Image courtesy Sarasota County

A study conducted by the Sarasota County Health and Benefits staff recently was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM), chronicling the results of a six-week process that looked at how a focus on positive practices could influence an individual’s health, the county has announced.

The study included 63 county employees, who worked with the Sarasota County Wellness Team to determine how emotions affected blood sugar levels and cardiovascular and inflammatory bio-markers, “all of which can be early indicators of disease or potentially catastrophic medical conditions,” a news release explains.

Sarasota County Administrator Jonathan Lewis said in the release that the Wellness Team’s work reflects Sarasota County’s ongoing commitment to a healthful and safe working environment.

“Our Human Resources staff have demonstrated that a healthier work environment is a happier work environment, which is then passed on to the community through our customer service,” Lewis added in the release.

Before the research could be considered for publication with JOEM, “clinical researchers from around the world reviewed the team’s submission and found its findings and results to be clinically significant,” the release pointed out. Sarasota County has the research that demonstrates workplace positivity improves employee’s lives, said Human Resources Director Chris Louria in the release.

“This is a clear indicator that the work of our Wellness Team is having a profound and positive effect on our employees,” Louria added in the release.

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