Sarasota in Defense of Animals seeking community support for repairs and upgrades of aging cattery

No-kill sanctuary has set up a GoFundMe page

Image courtesy SDA

Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA), a nonprofit organization, is seeking community assistance for a project that a number of its inhabitants need badly, it says.

The 28 cats at the sanctuary live in a 20-year-old cattery that is long overdue for repairs and upgrades, a news release explains. “Over the past 30 years we have taken in hundreds of homeless unadoptable cats with the promise of providing lifetime safe and comfortable care,” the release points out. “The cat facilities are spacious,” it continues, “with lots of shelves and cozy spots” where cats can snooze and play.

The felines also have two outside lanais, the release notes, “for fresh air and watching birds and squirrels in the trees surrounding their home. Naturally, over the years — even with “lots of scrubbing and cleaning by our dedicated care-givers” — the Florida weather “plus cat ‘activities’ have taken their toll” on the building, the release explains. “Roofing, re-shelving, painting and re-screening are needed to bring the facility up to the desired standards.”

The release further notes that many of the “resident kitties are senior geriatric residents that need special care.”

“We have faith and trust” that donors will help SDA defray the $4,000 cost of renovating this cattery, the release says. The organization has established a GoFundMe page, through which interested persons may make contributions.