Sarasota in Defense of Animals to host open house and picnic on April 3

Nonprofit seeking contributions to continue fighting for measures to protect animals and to care for those it has rescued

Image from the SDA website
Image from the SDA website

Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA) will host an open house and picnic on April 3 from noon to 3 p.m., the nonprofit organization has announced. Visitors will be welcome to visit the SDA catteries, feed the pigs and enjoy a vegetarian cookout, a news release says.

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“SDA has had many successes in our 27 years fighting to make a better life for animals and our recent victory in banning the commercial sale of puppy mill dogs and cats is one of the sweetest victories!” SDA President Elise Matthes notes in the release. It took four years, she continues in the release, “but we never gave up,” just as SDA and its supporters also were persistent over 10 years in seeing the establishment of a new county animal shelter and their six-year effort to see a feral cat law enacted.

Additionally, the release notes, the organization has worked to save the lives of thousands of animals and to prevent the births of thousands more.

“Yet WE ARE NOT FINISHED,” the release adds, noting, “there are many more issues to tackle”: black bear hunting; animals in entertainment; roadside zoos; pet overpopulation; vivisection and factory farming. “Animal exploitation and cruelty run rampant in our society,” the release points out.

Because of rising food and medical costs for the more than 200 animals SDA has rescued and given homes at its sanctuary, more contributions are needed, the release continues.