‘Sarasota in Motion’ Phase 2 includes interactive online map, city staff announces

Public may offer comments and ideas about transportation improvements

This is an image from the webpage featuring the interactive map. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

Sarasota in Motion, the first citywide transportation master plan for the City of Sarasota, entered its second phase this week with the launch of an interactive online map, city staff announced.

The map, which is available at SarasotaInMotion.com, is intended to be a means through which members of the public “can share their comments and ideas for transportation improvements,” a city news release says.

“How can streets be safer? How can we improve the reliability of travel time to work, particularly as we grow? How can we expand travel options so more people can walk, bike or take transit?” the release asks. Members of the public are able to zoom in on specific streets, intersections and routes on the interactive map “and post their comments and ideas, which will shape the City’s vision and action plan to answer these questions,” the release explains.

City staff already has gathered hundreds of comments through an open survey, workshops and community outreach events conducted earlier this summer, during the first phase of the master planning process, the release continues. “When it is completed, Sarasota in Motion will serve as a playbook for how the City not only invests in transportation infrastructure, but also how it achieves the community’s larger quality of life goals,” the release says.

For more information on the transportation master plan, to provide comments or to subscribe to the Sarasota in Motionemail list for future updates and events, visit SarasotaInMotion.com or email SarasotaInMotion@sarasotafl.gov.