Sarasota man charged with almost three-dozen counts related to possession of child pornography

Same person was arrested for trespassing on the Riverview High School campus last week

Aaron Talley. Photo from the Sheriff’s Office

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office this week was continuing to conduct an investigation into the activities of 31-year-old Aaron Talley of Sarasota, who was arrested twice last week in Sarasota County, the office reported on May 22.

Talley first was arrested on May 15 for allegedly trespassing at Riverview High School in Sarasota, “after he entered a classroom in an attempt to vocalize his concerns about government and education,” a Sheriff’s Office news release said.

On May 18, Talley was arrested again after a search warrant at his home revealed pornographic images of children on his computer, the release added. He was charged with three felony counts of Possession: Sexual Performance by a Child, the release noted.

As the investigation continued, detectives recovered an additional 14 videos and 18 images of child pornography on his computer, the release said.

On May 19, detectives charged Talley with a total of 32 additional counts of Possession: Sexual Performance by a Child, the release pointed out.

According to the narrative in the May 19 child pornography case report, a computer forensics detective was able to determine that Talley’s internet protocol (IP) address was used 103 times between Oct. 16, 2016 and Feb. 25 of this year to download or share child pornographic images.

As of the deadline this week for The Sarasota News Leader, Talley remained in custody on $350,000 bond — $10,000 for each count, the release noted.

Talley’s address was listed as 4410 Wilkinson Road in Sarasota. He is scheduled for arraignment on the child pornography charges on June 23, Sheriff’s Office records show.

As a result of the Riverview incident, he was charged with one count each of Disruption of a School Function and Trespassing on School Grounds, the Sheriff’s Office report added. After he was arrested, Talley told a deputy, “‘Now I understand why people bring guns on campus and shoot kids,’” the report said.

Riverview High School is on Lords Avenue in Sarasota. Image from the school’s Facebook page

When he appeared on campus, the report noted, Talley first requested to speak with Riverview Principal Paul Burns. However, after Burns informed him he needed to make an appointment, Talley walked “quickly on campus towards the classrooms in Building 5,” the report continued. He was confronted by a campus security aide and Assistant Principal Glenn Wachter, the report added, but he proceeded into a classroom, where he made “an attempt to debate about the school government being corrupt.”

The teacher removed about 20 students from the classroom, the report said.

Upon arrival on the scene, a deputy explained to Talley that Talley could not be on campus without permission, the report continued. Talley told the deputy that “‘he knew he was going to be arrested for trespassing once he entered the campus,’” the report said.