Sarasota Police chief swears in largest recruiting class in department history

18 officers join the agency

These are the new officers during the Aug. 31 ceremony. Image courtesy Sarasota Police Department, via Facebook

On Thursday, Aug. 31, Sarasota Police Chief Rex Troche held a swearing-in ceremony for 18 new officers, the largest recruiting class in department history, the agency has reported.

The ceremony was held at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall on the city’s bayfront, a news release says.

“The following officers joined the Sarasota Police Department as 2nd Class Probation” personnel, the release adds:

Brandon Close Brady Jackson
Bradley Cohan Oscar Martinez
Brendan Cook Orlando Perez
William Dell Felipe Silva Marin
Woody Divers Alan Mitch Sipple
Cameron Fountain Jonathan Taylor
Shaine Gaines Leonard Vella
Reynaldo Grinon Cory Waiters
Alexandria Hanly Isazier Whitfield

For the next several months, the release notes, the new officers will be engaged in their Field Training Program.