‘Tree Quest’ planned for the public in Sarasota County in celebration of Florida Arbor Day

Educational program focusing on trees in Shamrock and Urfer Family parks

In celebration of Florida Arbor Day, Sarasota County staff is inviting members of the community to journey on a “Tree Quest,” during a two-week scavenger hunt at county parks.

Starting on Jan. 19, the scavenger hunt will be aimed at “highlighting the importance of trees and their many benefits,” a news release says. The public is encouraged to search for five types of trees, using clues at either Shamrock Park, located at 3900 Shamrock Drive in Venice; or Urfer Family Park, located at 4012 Honore Ave. in Sarasota, the release explains. Cards that list the clues are available at Shamrock and Urfer parks and county libraries or by visiting scgov.net (keywords Tree Quest).

Trees will be tagged with a fact sheet to not only let people know they have found the right one, but to also help the public “learn more about the great things that trees give us,” the release says. “After you’ve found all the trees, submit the answers on scgov.net for the chance to win prizes,” the release adds.

Florida was the first state to celebrate Arbor Day each year, county Environmental Specialist Alyssa Vinson pointed out in the release. “So it was important for Sarasota County to highlight the natural beauty that surrounds us, while creating a fun, educational challenge.”

For more information, call the county Contact Center at 861-5000.