Sarasota County earns 33rd consecutive Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

Honor accorded by Government Finance Officers Association

County staff members gather during the Sept. 26 County Commission meeting to be recognized for winning the latest honors. Photo courtesy Sarasota County via Facebook

For the 33rd consecutive year, Sarasota County staff members have received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) in recognition of their efforts in creating the Fiscal Year 2023 budget presentation, staff has announced.

Additionally, this is the fourth year that Sarasota County has earned the Triple Crown Medallion by achieving all three GFOA awards: the Certification of Achievement for Excellence in Financial reporting, the Popular Annual Financial Reporting Award, and the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award, a news release notes.

County Administrator Jonathan Lewis honored the group during the Sept. 26 County Commission meeting.

In the release, Lewis pointed out that the county maps out strategic priorities and community needs through each budget cycle.

As the steward of public taxpayer dollars, he said in the release, the county “is dedicated to responsibly funding projects and initiatives that build a safe, resilient, and thriving community. The Distinguished Budget Presentation Award demonstrates staff’s dedication to fiscal planning and responsibility,” Lewis added.

“These GFOA awards reflect the county’s commitment to meeting and exceeding the highest principles of governmental budgeting through innovative programs and outstanding financial management,” the release points out.

“It’s incredible our team is being recognized for the 33rd year in a row,” Kim Radtke, director of the county’s Office of Financial Management, said in the release. “I’m privileged to share this achievement with a team of professionals truly committed to sound financial planning and reporting,” she added.

Each year, the county’s budget is presented to the public through a series of meetings, with comments welcome. By late September, the county commissioners adopt the new budget, which goes into effect every Oct. 1.