Build Local Power launches voter registration and engagement program for Southwest Florida

Organization created by former state Rep. Good

Image courtesy of the organizers

On June 17, former state Rep. Margaret Good of Sarasota announced the formation of Build Local Power, “a political organization that will register and mobilize Democratic voters in Southwest Florida,” a news release says.

“In order to win statewide, Democrats need to focus not only in the areas ripe with Democratic growth — we also need to work on the margins, in areas traditionally overlooked by statewide and national organizing efforts to both increase voter registration and help build local, sustainable Democratic infrastructure to organize for 2022 and beyond, Good pointed out in the release.

Supporters of the effort include Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, the release noted.

For Democrats to win in the Sunshine State, it’s crucial that we assemble a broad coalition of voters and engage with communities that are usually overlooked,” Fried said in the release. Build Local Power’s commitment to engaging and registering more Democratic voters in Southwest Florida will be central to competing in these communities and an important component of winning statewide races in 2022,” Fried added in the release.

“Organizing in these areas is essential,” the release points out, especially as the Republican Legislature “creates more and more barriers to voting.”

Former state Rep. Margaret Good. Image from the Florida House

“Build Local Power comes at a time when we absolutely need to motivate as many voters as possible,” said Sarasota County Democratic Party Chair JoAnne DeVries in the release. “Working with Democratic parties in Southwest Florida not only builds on the work the party continues to do, but it assures that no potential voter feels disenfranchised by the onslaught of election disinformation the GOP puts out,” DeVries pointed out. “I am beyond thrilled that Margaret will use the momentum she gained in her past three elections to lead this effort. We must hold the GOP accountable for creating barriers to vote, one voter at a time,” DeVries said.

Build Local Power will partner with local Democratic executive committees and local and statewide voter registration efforts “to increase productivity and efficiency,” the release notes. The organization has hired Blue Velocity Consulting to help with this effort, it adds.

Using highly focused local data, we can help move the needle statewide,” said Steve Jackson, partner of Blue Velocity Consulting, in the release. Good data, strong voter registration programs, and consistent organizing will be critical in making sure no voter is missed.” 

Build Local Power board members are long-time community organizers David Lapovsky, Kay Mathers and Dennis Rees, the release points out.

“Elections have consequences,” Rees stressed in the release. “For far too long Democrats have taken voting for granted, believing voters will align on democratically held values. Republicans are all too eager to keep it that way. Build Local Power aims to turn the tide — one voter at a time,” he added in the release.

Anyone interested in becoming involved in the initiative is encouraged to go to