Changes in parking fees on St. Armands to begin week of Oct. 11, City of Sarasota announces

Fees being brought into alignment with those in downtown Sarasota

A parking station stands on St. Armands Circle. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

Although the revised ordinance that the Sarasota City Commission approved on Sept. 7 indicated that paid parking fees in the St. Armands Parking District would be adjusted as of Oct. 1, those changes will not start until the week of Oct. 11, the city announced this week.

The goal is to bring the St. Armands fees in line with rates and hours of operation in downtown Sarasota, providing consistency within the parking districts, a city news release explains.

“On-street parking rates and times will become uniform throughout the St. Armands Parking District at $1.50 per hour, the current maximum rate,” the release points out. Meters will be in service from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, excluding city-observed holidays, the release adds.

“We’re moving to a one-zone, one-rate program in St. Armands,” said Parking Division General Manager Mark Lyons in the release. “With over 700,000 transactions since the start-up, data shows that 85% of on-street parking users on St. Armands currently opt to use the $1.50 per hour spaces,” Lyons continued in the release.

When a person is using the Park Mobile app or a pay station, 10 minutes of free on-street parking will be provided in the St. Armands Parking District, just as in downtown Sarasota, the release notes.

Rates for the St. Armands parking garage also will become consistent with those for the city’s two parking garages in downtown Sarasota, the release adds. The first two hours will be free, the third hour will cost $3, and for each additional hour or part thereof, the rate will be $1.

The fee to park in the Fillmore Lot on St. Armands will be adjusted from 75 cents per hour to $1 per hour or part thereof, the release says.

“Approximately 150 free on-street parking spaces, located within a short walk of shops and restaurants on St. Armands Circle, will remain free along North and South Boulevard of the Presidents,” the release points out.

The paid parking modifications were recommended by a consultant, following an analysis of the St. Armands Parking District, and were agreed upon by the St. Armands Business Improvement District and the St. Armands Merchant Association, the release notes.