City of Sarasota storm debris collection underway as of Sept. 18, but no specific dates set for neighborhoods

Tips provided to ensure material is picked up in a timely fashion

Piles of storm debris are visible in neighborhoods countywide. Rachel Hackney photo

As part of the ongoing Hurricane Irma recovery efforts, contractors for the City of Sarasota began debris collection and removal on Monday, Sept. 18, the city announced.

Unlike the protocol with regular yard waste pick-up, no specific scheduled days for storm debris collection have been set, a news release stresses. Residents have been encouraged to place the material curbside as soon as possible, the release points out.

Standard yard waste rules also have been suspended for Hurricane Irma storm debris, the release notes. To ensure debris is collected, residents are asked to follow these rules:

  • Place vegetative debris at least 3 to 5 feet away from mailboxes, water meters, street signs, light poles and fire hydrants. This will ensure adequate room for heavy machinery to pick up the materials.
  • Do not place debris in the street or on top of storm drains.
  • Do not mix household waste, bulk waste or recyclables with storm debris.
  • Do not bag vegetative storm debris or place it in a container. Bagged debris will be picked up; however, that may not occur during the first collection cycle.
  • All debris must be placed at the curb in the public right of way. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to bring the debris to the curb and separate it properly.

“At this time, debris removal crews will not enter onto private property to collect or remove debris,” the release emphasizes.

“The City appreciates residents’ cooperation to help make this debris removal operation proceed smoothly and ensure that the community recovers as quickly as possible,” the release adds.