Commentary: Anonymous calling a booming business

Caller ID offers help and some humor

Harriet Cuthbert

WOW! I never realized I was so popular and so well known, all over the world. I am getting calls from places as far away as India and Africa!

How did they get my phone number? And how did they find out I absolutely needed a loan to redo my kitchen? After all, it’s at least 20 years old and the icemaker is broken.

Sometimes, when I am trying to focus on something important, like a good nap, the phone rings. I race to answer it and notice on my Caller ID that the call is coming from my own area code.  But, I do not recognize the number, so I ignore it. I wonder what my “neighbors” are trying to sell me. Maybe they need a loan for their second house.

My favorite local call was one from my exact home phone number. How did they do that? Was I calling myself?

I am so popular, I get at least eight calls a day from these total strangers. Everyone in the U.S. must really want to know me. I have never been to Wisconsin, or Michigan, or even Minnesota, but that has not stopped these intrepid and persistent callers.  They absolutely want to know me, and I guess they think if they keep calling, eventually I will answer the phone and we will be connected for life.

Anthony Chen calls me about five times a day, every day but Sunday, his day off for church, I suppose. I must be at the top of his list, but I thankfully have been saved by the miracle of Caller ID.

That wonderful number identification system even showed me who my latest follower is — someone named Anonymous, a very rabid fan.

Are these robocalls serious? I saved a few for posterity because maybe, 100 years from now, they will have vanished.

When people continue to complain about these kinds of calls, but they still pick up the phone, my question always is the same: If everybody in the U.S. has Caller ID, then why would anybody answer these calls?

Oooops, my phone is ringing. Gotta go.

Thanks for listening.

1 thought on “Commentary: Anonymous calling a booming business”

  1. You are not alone! 🙂 I try to put this in perspective. It’s not exactly the biggest problem in the scheme of things but it is extremely annoying. It can be devastating to those who are taken in. I did have a little revenge when I scammed a scammer.
    You know the one, “grandma I’ve been arrested, in trouble etc. etc. need money don’t tell my parents” When I received such a call ,having no grandchildren, I knew it was as scam but the scammer didn’t. Kept him on the line stringing him along. Haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

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