Conservation Foundation protects more than 48 acres next to Celery Fields in Sarasota County

Scenic vistas from top of Celery Fields hill to be preserved in perpetuity

This is a view of part of the land preserved next to the Celery Fields. Photo courtesy of the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast

The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast has announced the permanent protection of 48.44 acres next to the Celery Fields in the eastern part of Sarasota County.

The property borders the county’s stormwater project — an internationally known bird-watching destination — on the eastern side of the Celery Fields hill, a news release explains.

The conservation of this land “helps protect the natural environment and preserve the rural character of the area, enriching the community through its proximity to the Celery Fields, Big Cat Habitat Gulf Coast Sanctuary, and Rosaire’s Riding Academy,” the release adds. The protection was made possible through the generosity of a landowner who donated a conservation easement, the release says. The transaction was completed on Dec. 30, 2021.

“We are very grateful to this landowner for his commitment to conservation,” says Christine P. Johnson, president of the Conservation Foundation, in the release. “The protection of these 48 acres ensures the scenic vistas viewed from the top of the Celery Fields hill will be enjoyed for generations to come and provides valuable environmental benefits to our entire community.”

This is an aerial view of the Celery Fields in proximity to Big Cat Habitat. Image from Google Maps

“The farm fields on the property may provide habitat for birds that need grasslands to survive, such as eastern meadowlark and loggerhead shrike, the release points out. Additionally, the 48 acres are located within both the Phillippi Creek and Sarasota Bay watersheds, “filtering and storing water to help prevent flooding and improve water quality for our region,” the release notes.

This is an aerial view of the Celery Fields stormwater project, which has become an internationally known bird-watching area. Image courtesy Sarasota County

“Landowners interested in learning more about how conserving their land can help safeguard the future while potentially giving them tax benefits” are encouraged to contact the Conservation Foundation’s land protection team by calling 941-918-2100, the release adds.

The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast protects land and water in Southwest Florida for the benefit of people and nature, its website explains. Working with landowners, businesses, and government leaders, the Conservation Foundation “saves land forever, protecting those special places that make this region extraordinary,” the release points out. Learn more about the nonprofit’s mission at