County’s Materials Management Division earns award for second consecutive year

Staff members honored for making sustainability ‘core part of supply chain strategy’

Image courtesy Sarasota County

The Sarasota County Government Materials Management team has earned the Supply and Demand Chain Executive Award for the second consecutive year, the county has announced.

“The award recognizes companies and organizations that are making sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy and working to achieve measurable sustainability goals within their own operations and supply chains,” a county news release explains. The integration of sustainability into the operations of the county’s Materials Management Division “has resulted in cost savings and waste reduction benefits,” the memo adds.

The Materials Management Division “has fully embraced environmental stewardship, which has been one of the General Services Department’s goals, county General Services Director Jeff Lowdermilk pointed out in the release.

“I’m very proud of their efforts, and their continued dedication to saving money and providing the highest level of service,” Lowdermilk added.

As part of the division’s efforts to promote and practice sustainability, staff members have made strides in eliminating waste through recycling and through collaboration with key suppliers and vendors, the release says.

“Sustainability isn’t just a lofty goal we are trying to achieve as a community,” said University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension Services Director Lee Hayes Byron in the release. “It’s something we put into practice every day throughout our organization, and this latest award reflects how Sarasota County is leading by example,” Byron added in the release.