COVID-19 testing capacity increased at Robert L. Taylor Community Complex in Sarasota

500 people can be served daily, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

This sign greets people who approach the state COVID-19 testing site at the R.L. Taylor Community Complex in Sarasota. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

The daily capacity for the state-run COVID-19 testing site at the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex in Sarasota has been increased to 500, Sarasota City Manager Tom Barwin has reported.

“That means more individuals who want to get tested, whether or not they are experiencing symptoms, can visit the walk-up site and receive a test, with results due back in 3-5 days,” Barwin pointed out in his July 2 newsletter.

“The more we have widespread testing with quicker results, the more data we’ll have about where and how the virus is spreading in our community and the faster we can get people isolated and recovered if necessary, and then back to their regular routines, jobs and a greater sense of normalcy,” Barwin added.

Testing is available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the North Sarasota complex, which is located at 1845 34th St., Barwin noted.

“This site has been configured to serve people who may walk or bike there from surrounding neighborhoods, so if you’re driving, there may be a wait before you can park your vehicle in the complex parking lot and walk up to receive your test,” he pointed out. Persons may visit the city website to check the status of the site before they travel to it, he continued, “to be sure the daily capacity has not been reached.”

He also noted, “The testing method itself is a quick and easy nasal swab that is child-friendly. No prescriptions or appointments are necessary, and you do not need to be experiencing any symptoms to receive a test.”