Delivery of single-stream recycling carts underway for Sarasota County customers

All customers expected to have carts by late December

A Waste Management truck approaches a new single-stream recycling bin. Image courtesy Sarasota County

Delivery of new single-stream recycling carts for solid waste customers living in unincorporated portions of Sarasota County began on Friday, Nov. 1, the county announced.

The carts are part of the county’s new single-stream recycling program, which will allow residents to place all recyclable materials into one container, instead of having to separate the items into separate bins for curbside collection, a news release explains.

Weather permitting, up to 3,400 carts are to be delivered each day, Mondays through Saturdays, with completion of the effort expected by Dec. 20, the release adds.

Single-stream recycling collections will begin the week of Jan. 6, 2020, the release points out.

“Just a reminder that if residents use the new carts prior to Jan. 6, material will not be collected,” said Wendi Crisp, outreach coordinator for Sarasota County’s Solid Waste Division. “To help residents remember when to begin using the carts, we are encouraging everyone to think, new year, new cart,” Crisp added in the release.

“The new carts roll easily to the curb, have lids which help keep materials contained and dry, reduce windblown litter and provide more capacity for recyclable materials,” the release notes.

For the transition to single-stream recycling, Sarasota County staff partnered with Waste Management and the Recycling Partnership, the release adds. The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit organization, provided a grant to the county to help cover the cost of the new carts, the release says.

Single Stream Recyclers, which is based in Sarasota County, will handle the processing of the materials after collection, the release points out.

Residents are encouraged to visit this link to learn the anticipated delivery date of their new carts, the release says.

For more information, call the county Contact Center at 861-5000 or visit

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  1. What will happen to the old containers, that are not recyclable? Thousands into a land fill? Is waste Management offering an alternative other that putting them in the trash?

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