FDOT reminding motorists about Move Over Law

Goal is to protect emergency responders and others contending with vehicles that have been involved in crashes or that have broken down

L.K. Nandam. Image from the fgcucdn.fgcu.edu website

The District One staff of the Florida Department of Transportation is reminding all motorists of the Move Over Law, which was “designed to help protect law enforcement officers, first responders, road construction workers, road rangers and tow truck workers,” the staff has announced.

“The services provided by these public servants are critical to the safety of our roadways; however, the side of the roadway is a dangerous place to work,” a news release points out.

“While many drivers pull over to allow emergency vehicles to pass them, most motorists don’t know that the Move Over Law requires them to move over a lane for stationary emergency and service vehicles with flashing lights,” the release explains. “If a motorist cannot safely move over into an outside lane,” the person is to slow down to a speed that is 20 mph under the road’s posted speed limit, the release adds.

“Drivers who obey the Move Over Law are showing their support to the men and women who work on our roads,” said FDOT District One Secretary L.K. Nandam in the release. “When you see flashing lights, move over. Failure to do so can cause crashes and take those who work to make Florida a safer place to live and travel away from their families and our community.”

In 2021, more than 190 crashes occurred, and more than 14,000 citations were issued, as a result of motorists failing to move over in Florida, the release points out. “Please remember when you see flashing lights ‘Slow Down or Move Over,’” the release adds.