Five Points Park reopened in downtown Sarasota

Closure allowed city staff to undertake much-needed improvements, city manager says

Five Points Park is located near Selby Public Library. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

Having been closed since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, so planned renovations could take place, Selby Five Points Park in downtown Sarasota “is open once again and looking better than ever!” City Manager Tom Barwin reported in his Sept. 11 newsletter.

Among the improvements, damaged and dead turf was replaced, shrubs and ground cover were planted in spots where it is too shady for turf to thrive, deteriorating shrubs were replaced, irrigation repairs were made, and the dog bag waste station was replaced, Barwin noted.

“This is a well-used urban park,” he pointed out, so it “was ready for a facelift.”

Barwin offered his thanks to the members of the city’s “dedicated Landscape team for rolling up their sleeves during the pandemic and getting this outstanding work done.”