Intersection of State Street and Lemon Avenue open again in downtown Sarasota

‘Eye-catching design’ part of new look

This is the new design on Lemon Avenue at the State Street intersection. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

The intersection of State Street and Lemon Avenue in downtown Sarasota has reopened, “right on schedule!” City Manager Tom Barwin reported in his Sept. 20 newsletter.

Last week, crews with Preferred Pavers & Concrete LLC, a subcontractor for Jon F. Swift Construction of Sarasota, “put the finishing touches on an eye-catching design” right in the middle of the Lemon Avenue/State Street intersection, Barwin pointed out. “Located steps from the State Street Garage and just outside The Mark, the new condo/retail complex opening soon, this impressive craftsmanship along with new brick paver sidewalks will enhance the pedestrian experience downtown,” Barwin wrote.

Improvements along Lemon Avenue will continue southward toward Paul Thorpe Jr. Park and Pineapple Avenue, Barwin added. Lemon Avenue from State Street to Pineapple Avenue will be closed until late November, he noted.

And, with the reopening of the State Street intersection, the Sarasota Farmers Market plans to return to South Lemon Avenue and State Street on Saturday, Oct. 26, Barwin pointed out.

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