Paid-parking program implemented in Palm Avenue and State Street garages in Sarasota

First three hours remain free; no fee charged on Sundays and city-observed holidays

Graphics illustrate the use of the parking equipment in the State Street and Palm Avenue garages. Graphic courtesy City of Sarasota

“A new generation of parking access equipment” has been installed in the City of Sarasota’s State Street and Palm Avenue parking garages, providing users with up to three hours of complimentary parking and a simplified fee system after that initial period, the city has announced.

Each driver will need to take a ticket dispensed from a machine upon entering the garage, a news release explains. “Prior to leaving the garage, and before going back to your car, use one of the pre-pay machines,” which are located at the elevators on the ground floor lobbies, the release continues.

After using a pre-pay machine, a person will have 20 minutes to exit the facility, the release points out. “At the exit, just insert your pre-paid ticket and away you go.”

Along with the first three hours being free, parking in the garages on Sundays and city-observed holidays also will entail no charge, the release notes.

The fee will be $3 for the fourth hour and then $1 for each additional hour, or part thereof, with a maximum daily rate of $23, the release says.

The pre-pay parking machines are user-friendly, the release notes; they accept cash, coins or credit cards. “We also have pay-in-lane machines,” the release adds, “so you can pay while in your car at the exit lane.

“No motorcycles, please, within the parking gates,” the release stresses.

“Approved by the City Commission, this policy is part of a comprehensive public parking strategic plan to implement industry best practices to minimize congestion and frustration while promoting economic growth within parking districts,” the release explains.