Recreational burn ban in county lifted on May 3

Drought index for county dropped 250 points over past week

Image courtesy Sarasota County Emergency Services

Sarasota County Acting Fire Chief Mike Hartley lifted the countywide recreational burn ban on Tuesday, May 3, county staff reported.

The Sarasota County Fire Department’s wildland mitigation team, area fire chiefs and the Department of Forestry “have worked together to continuously monitor conditions,” a news release points out. In the past week, the release adds, “[T]he drought index for Sarasota County has dropped more than 250 points.”

The City of North Port Fire Rescue also recently rescinded a burn ban; more information may be found here.

The county’s burn ban was enacted on April 15, with the provision that it would remain in effect until the chances of wildfire were reduced and weather conditions changed. With seasonal rain patterns having begun, the release notes, officials are seeing a reduction in the wildfire threat throughout Sarasota County.

Nonetheless, the release says, residents are reminded to always be safe when dealing with fire and to always follow local open burning ordinances and regulations.